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How much does a website cost to build in 2021?

Marketing websites form the cornerstone of an product's marketing efforts. Learn how much you should budget to build your company's website.

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01 — Design

Creative DirectionWhat level of design assistance do you need?

Just the Basics
You provide mockups, we finish design
Create 3 high-level concepts
Full Design Strategy
Run a branding and design sprint
02 — Editability

Content Management SystemHow editable do you need your website to be?

No Admin
Have an internal developer edit the site
Basic Admin
Edit text and images. Example: Wordpress
Custom Admin
Create microsites, edit layouts, etc
03 — Discoverability

Search Engine OptimizationImprove your ranking for Google Search?

Nothing Extra
Google will still index your site
Detailed Metatags
Fill in project details for Google and Social
Content and Backlinks
Write 3 articles and create 10 backlinks
04 — Content

Images, Illustrations, CopywritingNeed help adding or creating content?

You upload and manage content
Migrate Your Content
Transfer from existing site or Dropbox
Create Your Content
Make images, illos & prepare copy
05 — Team

Industry ExperiencePrefer a team with website expertise?

No experience
Has not worked with a website client
Limited Experience
Built less than 10 websites for clients
Website Expertise
Over 10 client website projects
06 — Support

Customer SupportHow long do you need website support?

Included 30 Days
One month of suppport after completion
Standard 1 Year
4hrs per month. $350 x 12 months
Extended 3 Year
4hrs per month. $300 x 36 months

Setting expectations

What's included with the website?

As a deliverable, the website is finalized once the design and code come together to create the complete product.

Hosting and support come as additional services. The digital agency you are working with will give you their preferred options.

Design Files

Photoshop or Sketch

Layouts, grids, colors, and fonts

Domain and Website Hosting

Address and server for your website
Website Files

HTML, CSS, and Javascript

Source files for your website

Extended Support

On-going help with features and issues

Breaking it Down

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the pricing determined?

We previously ran a design agency in San Francisco for four years and these prices roughly reflect our internal scoping spreadsheet. Each design agency prices a bit differently but based on conversations with colleagues, these are good ballpark numbers for experienced design firms.

How do we choose a Content Management System?

The default choice for most companies should be Wordpress. Agencies dislike it (including us) but it's the most well known and allows your marketing team to stay productive. If you have technical talent dedicated to marketing, a strong contender is the Contentful + Gatsby.js stack. Contentful while pricey allows your tech team to create any module the marketing team needs and Gatsby can take in all of that data super easily.

Is a custom website a good fit for my company?

If you're a young company trying to establish product-market fit, we suggest sticking with a tool that lets you iterate quickly: Lead Pages, Unbounce, or Webflow (slightly more technical). Once you have your value prop, a custom website will become the foundation for all your marketing efforts, and the most optimal decision here is to bring on a a design firm with both brand and conversion optimization as strong service skills.

What is SEO and why is it important?

SEO is your one employee that works 24/7 to get you new customer leads. Companies like Zapier, Figma, and NerdWallet employ SEO as a key channel for very affordable customer acquisition. In our own experience, every company has an overflowing archive of insightful knowledge to share which they can leverage to kickstart SEO.

Detailed Advice

Have more questions?

While we don't operate a design agency anymore, we're always happy to answer questions or point you to design firms we trust. Reach out on twitter to chat @moeamaya.